Just a little testimony…

Getting down to the end of the month here and this is the closest we’ve come financially to not being able to pay our bills.  Adding to this dilemma was a little car incident Scott had a few weeks past.  It was pouring rain and Scott drove to pick the boys up from in school in our van.  As he was leaving visibility was really bad on the very narrow road and he scraped a teacher’s car.  We had just received the bill and it was going to cost $100.   Yesterday Scott took the last of our cash out of the ATM and went to try to make it stretch to pay bills and pay off this $100.  He went by the school in the morning and the teacher whose car it was approached him.  She said she had been praying the night before and God told her not to take any money from Scott.  !!!!  Amazing.   God is so good.  And this is coming from a Costa Rican woman who is living on a preschool teacher’s salary, and so we know it was a stretch of faith for her to say that.  We can just see God at work taking care of us and encouraging us.


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