Our new staff team

Scott (and Jude), Leslie, Jessi, Rachel

Scott (and Jude), Leslie, Jessi, Rachel

I (Leslie) just wanted to share a few of my thoughts about how I’ve been feeling lately. One word sums it up: blessed. When we decided to start the Children at Risk School in Central America, we knew we would be stepping out into new uncharted territory. But it was something we felt God put on our hearts to do. One of the biggest challenges in YWAM is often lack of staff, especially in pioneering something new. We’ve seen many times staff that are stretched thin, one person doing the job of three people, etc. That is why for us, having Jessi and Rachel come and join our team has meant so much to us. Not only do they encourage us personally through their friendship and support, but they represent to us God’s favor for this school and His provision for this program. By providing us with such wonderful, quality staff, I feel as though it is God showing us that He truly is carrying this project in His hands, caring about each detail and deeply involved. I feel so encouraged.


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