The DTS Graduation

The DTS that started in January has come to a close. It was an amazing five months with such a wonderful group of people. We had our final night together and it was beautiful, there were tears and laughter, as we praised God together one last time, shared stories and testimonies, prayed and commissioned each other and said our goodbyes. Here are some photos from the night.

ariana, jessi, leslie, loly, staff girls. We had so much fun planning this night together..

The staff presented “mock” awards… very funny!

Lisa, Brianna and Suzanne’s amazing song and dance that they did on outreach!

Kai and Ezzy enjoying their hot chocolate at dinner!

Our amazing staff team! Isaac, Jessi, Arianna, Grethel and Loly. They were so wonderful to work with.

A little Latin dancing…. and meanwhile….

Jude goes to sleep!

Warner, Angel and Anna give testimonies…

and Kai falls asleep and joins Jude on the floor!

Scott and the staff handed out certificates

And all three of our kids were asleep on the floor! I don’t know how they slept through all the cheering, clapping and shouting!

The DTS!!!!!

It was an amazing experience for us leading this school. We saw so many great things happen in the lives of these students and we know the things they did and experienced with God has changed their lives forever, they will never be the same! What a priviledge to be a part of this time in their lives. We’re excited to do it again…. in just a few weeks new students will be arriving for the July DTS!

To see more photos of the graduation, follow this link: DTS Graduation


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