Kai, Ezzy and Jude´s Costa Rica Life!


3 Responses to Kai, Ezzy and Jude´s Costa Rica Life!

  1. Julie Benoit says:

    hey, what a great video. kai, ezzy and jude are so adorable. thanks for sharing a little glimpse of your life in CR. Life looks wonderful!!! smiles, julie b

  2. Phil Williams says:

    Wazzup!!!! Olivia and I watched the video and we loved it!!! Olivia definitely remembers Kai and Ezzy. She called them “my old friends”. Missed you so much!!!!

  3. Aunt Kiddo says:

    Wow! The boys are growing so fast, even Jude, whom I have yet to meet and see. I want to reassure you that you that the 5 Freemans are on our prayer list at church and with other prayer warriors.

    Scott, do you remember that Grandma Mones was acknowledged as a faithful Prayer Warrior. The late Pastor Paul Requilman always relied on her for special prayer requests that he would receive. And that our prayer for you 5 is that God continue to keep that mantal of protection over each of you wherever you may be. I’m sure your Grandma is looking out for you and reaching down from heaven to be that mantal of protection as God would have her do. That also includes Grandpa Mones, Aunt Minnie, Uncle Ralph and all our loved ones in heaven.

    I look forward (not that I want the time to travel fast) to seeing you the next time you are in SoCal. If you will be in Virginia over Christmas, we hope it will be okay. We will start looking to see what hotels are available through our club and make reservations.

    Please give each boy a hug and kiss from me.

    In God We Trust

    Aunt Kiddo

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