DTS Outreach team leaves for Guatemala

DTS team leaving for Guatemala

DTS team leaving for Guatemala

Guatemala Team

The Guatemala Team

Scott packing up the van

Scott packing the van up

DTS Returns to San Jose!

The DTS team came back to San Jose from Talamanca this week. We had a great time with them debreifing from the past four weeks and preparing and encouraging for the next four weeks.

Reports from Talamanca Outreach

We are hearing great reports from their time in Talamanca. The teams were able to work with several churches in small villages that were in desperate need of encouragement and help. Some of the stories were so touching as this group of students reached out with the love of Christ. The guys from the team got together and helped out a single mom with five small children. She had no home and was in a state of desperation. They got together and built a two story house for her! She was tangibly experiencing God’s love for her through that, and the answer to many nights of praying. They held services almost every night at the churches they were staying at and people were so blessed. Most of all, I believe they really blessed and encouraged the pastors. These pastors have no staff or personnel, they are working alone without any support or encouragment. They were so blessed by our team they were crying when they left!

the house the guys built

the house the guys built

Next Stop… Guatemala and Venezuela!

Half of the DTS left yesterday for Guatemala. We’re praying for them and trusting God to use this time and use them to be a blessing. The rest of the team leaves Wednesday for Venezuela!


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