Change of Plans

April 26, 2008


Well, since our latest update we’ve already changed our plans! We’re actually really excited about it, because it is more like going back to our original plans for this time while the DTS is on outreach. We confirmed with everyone and bought our plane tickets last night! yay!

So, the trip for Scott to drive our van down has been cancelled. We feel like this is most likely from the Lord, and that this was not His plan for us to get a vehicle. We’re trusting for another door to open regarding that need, but we continue to wait on Him for that. In the meantime, we’re walking lots and relying on good friends to help us get groceries and things when needed!

Scott will still be attending the Regional YWAM staff conference in Guatemala. This is May 16 – 19, and we are anticipating a great time of being together with other YWAMers in Mexico and Central America. Also half of our DTS team will be on outreach in Guatemala and Scott will have a chance to do a pastoral visit with them.

After this he will come home for 4 days and then fly off to Venezuela, where the other half of our DTS will be on outreach. This trip also has a dual purpose, to visit and encourage the team, as well as make connections for the upcoming Children at Risk School. There are several ministries that Scott will be visiting and making connections with for possible future ministry and training opportunities. We’ll let you know more about that coming up!

One last stop in Bogota, Colombia! For years we have wanted to visit Steve Bartel’s ministry to street children and now we finally will. Steve has been a speaker in all of our Children at Risk Schools and he has a really dynamic ministry reaching out to and restoring children who live and work on the streets in Colombia. One thing that sets his ministry apart from the rest is his long term vision. When he looks at a child, he is looking beyond their childhood and all the way through to their adulthood. His goal is for complete and total restoration and he is very successful at this. He has some really great principles for ministry that can apply anywhere and we’re looking forward to learning from him and his ministry. His website is:

Scott will be back in San Jose on May 31, and the rest of the DTS gets back May 2. We’ll be doing debreifing and wrapping things up. The students head back to their homes on May 6 or 7. (But hopefully many of them will decide to stay and keep working with us here at the base)! 🙂

The next DTS starts just a few weeks after that so we will quickly jump into staff training and final preps for the next school!

So that’s our new plans, we’re really excited about it and have hearts full of anticipation with what God has planned and how He is leading us.