Compassion DTS

We have just finished the second week of the DTS and it has been amazing! We have students from North, Central and South America as well as Europe. It is amazing to watch them get to know God in a deeper way. There is already so much to share, but I’ll just share one experience from our past week.

We took the DTS to one of the slums in San Jose – it is a very dangerous place run that is run by drug dealers. There is a Pastora working there who has built relationships with the people. They have come to understand that she is just there to help them and their kids so they protect her – she helps many of the families and children in the community. A polluted river flows past the building she runs her ministry from and during the rainy season it erroded the banks in front of her building. So we took our team there to help make repairs. We knew it would be hard and dirty work, but we were excited to do it. When we got there, though, we were not prepared for the work that was in store for us! We had to go down to the river and dig a ditch that would eventually be filled with cement to build a retaining wall from. No one complained as we dug in the river banks that smelled like a sewer with pipes sticking over our heads that would once in a while drain out, with bath water, dish water, toilet water, etc. It was pretty horrible, but everyone just kept digging, and working really hard. People were singing and laughing as they moved huge boulders and continued to dig through the polluted waters. I was so impressed with the team of students and staff and their hearts to serve.

Every week we will continue to have a time of local outreach where we will practically serve the communities surrouding us that are in need. As God comes and shows us His heart of love and compassion, we are motivated to go out and show that compassion to others through practical works of service and care.

scott in class scott in class

welcome dinner

Scott with the staff team – Isaac, Jessi, Gretyl, and Loly (missing in the picture is Ariana)


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