We had such a fun and special time! I want to thank all our family (especially my momma!) who helped make it such a wonderful trip. I know it is hard to host a family of five that includes a two year old, newborn and four year old. Let’s just say we are like a tornado upon a small house! I think having kids helps you realize and appreciate how important family is. This trip meant so much to our boys, and the memories built really do last. We miss everyone already.

Grandma and Papa freeman
Grandma Arliss and Papa Floyd

Grandpa Gregg

Grandpa Gregg




Uncle James, Aunty Bop, Uncle Zach and Mema

Coming back to Costa Rica… it felt like coming home! This was a blessing to us. We’re amazed at how quickly we’ve been able to adjust to a new country, culture and life here. God has sped up the process for us. Kai has had a little bit more trouble than the rest of us. He’s had a few sad moments of breaking down and crying. He’s very frustrated with the language barrier. We’ve been praying for him, talking with him and helping him to process all those feelings. It’s getting better day by day. He has especially enjoyed having summer preschool at our house. Also his best friend, Lukey, is such a treasure. Their friendship is precious – they are like Jonathan and David.

Kai and Lukey
Kai and Lukey
Best Buds!
Gabby teaching preschool at our house

The YWAM kids!


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