Taxi ride

Our first taxi ride found me (Leslie) in the back seat with Kai, Ezra and Jude holding onto them as the taxi whipped around the city, swerving through back streets to avoid traffic. They thought it was tons of fun of course, but I was freaking out!!! Travelling around the city is definitely an adventure, either with strollers on cracked and rough sidewalks, usually in the rain with umbrellas, or whizzing around in a taxi (which have NO seatbelts!!!)

We’ve been debating about shipping our minivan down, or buying a car here. The prices are about double what they are in the states and the cost of shipping with taxes costs about twice the value of the vehicle. So this has been a dilemma for us, figuring out what to do. For now we’ve decided to wait. We have lots of things in walking distance from us, as well as base vehicles we can borrow is we need to. Also taxi’s and buses. So we’ll wait it out and see, a new bill was passed that may cause the taxes to be lifted in the coming year.


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