Children at Risk Discipleship Training School!

October 22, 2007

Looking ahead, Scott has agreed to lead the January Discipleship Training School! We will start praying for the students who are applying for the school and planning as well as staff training. The really amazing thing is that there are focus DTS’s now so we will have a children at risk focused DTS! When the base first asked us to lead, we were really unsure about it, but we agreed to pray about it. We started to pray, and we made a list of pros and cons – it actually ended up being only a list of pro’s and there were a lot. Then we started to get really excited about it, especially focusing it on Children at Risk, it will be good preparation for leading a Children at Risk school eventually. So we decided today to do it, and we have lots to do to get ready for January – we’ll keep you posted on it, God is good!!!

Here’s the website for info about San Jose DTS


Taxi ride

October 22, 2007

Our first taxi ride found me (Leslie) in the back seat with Kai, Ezra and Jude holding onto them as the taxi whipped around the city, swerving through back streets to avoid traffic. They thought it was tons of fun of course, but I was freaking out!!! Travelling around the city is definitely an adventure, either with strollers on cracked and rough sidewalks, usually in the rain with umbrellas, or whizzing around in a taxi (which have NO seatbelts!!!)

We’ve been debating about shipping our minivan down, or buying a car here. The prices are about double what they are in the states and the cost of shipping with taxes costs about twice the value of the vehicle. So this has been a dilemma for us, figuring out what to do. For now we’ve decided to wait. We have lots of things in walking distance from us, as well as base vehicles we can borrow is we need to. Also taxi’s and buses. So we’ll wait it out and see, a new bill was passed that may cause the taxes to be lifted in the coming year.

Baby days

October 22, 2007


thumb sucker

Thinking that this might be my last baby… I’m just treasuring little Jude so much. His smiles, the innocence. He’s so sweet. He just starting to smile and it’s the cutest thing ever. I was so nervous about having a third and wondering how I would manage three kids, but he’s just fitting in wonderfully and his brothers love him so much. Kai actually finds ways to play with him and just cracks up laughing at him, it is so funny. Even Ezra, our little tough guy, is loving and affectionate with his little baby.

Jude in sling


Kai and Jude

Language Learning

October 22, 2007

Lang institute

The Spanish Language Institute


Recently we were challenged by a friend who told us, “Language learning is ministry.” We are beginning to see that this is true. As we study the language and practice in humility, doors for relationships are opened up. This past month of October Scott has been studying at the Spanish Language Institute. This has been a great start, but we’re realizing we have a long ways to go and lots of work to do. We’re right now looking into other options for continued language study- a tutor, or another school.

Traveling to Costa Rica

October 22, 2007

Getting here has been kind of crazy, but it’s really good to be here now!!! The week before we left Leslie got sick with a really bad sinus infection, and Jude got sick and had to go to the doctor two times (This ended up being a huge blessing because his doctor is a Christian and prayed for us and also gave us lots of medicines to take with us). The packing process was really slowed down because of this. The night before our flight the next morning we stayed up until 3 a.m. packing and then woke up at 4 a.m. to drive to L.A. to catch our flight! We were like zombies!

Everything went really well with the flight, except for one mishap in the Dallas airport changing planes. We accidently went to the gate for a flight to San Jose California, not San Jose Costa Rica. We actually checked in and started to board before the flight attendant pointed out our mistake! We had five minutes to run to the other side of the terminal and get on the plane heading to San Jose, Costa Rica. Luckily we made it. Our luggage included 9 gigantic suitcases, two strollers, four carseats, a guitar and a surfboard! We were so blessed with favor from the Lord at the airport that we didn’t even have to pay for our overweight luggage which saved us about $200!

We arrived at night and Spencer and Giaccomo were there to meet us with a van. We loaded all our luggage in and drove to our furnished home that was waiting for us. It was kind of scary driving in at night, not being able to really see our surroundings. To get into the house we went through two locked gates and then our locked front door. It felt a little eerie with the tiredness and at night. We got the kids settled in bed and fell asleep ourselves.

Our house

our new home


our new view


The view our our bedroom window